The great Mission

‘The great Mission’ is a board game for Bible enthusiasts of all ages, where you will go on a mission journey in the area where Paul had his mission journeys. You can play it for free by downloading and printing the game board, and using the biblogram app. You will also soon be able to order a physical version of the game at production cost.

Available in: Norwegian, English

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A brief summary of the game

You will be given 7 destinations to visit on your journey. You choose one of these destinations as the starting point for your missionary journey, before visiting the remaining cities in the order you want. The first to complete his missionary journey has won. But when you arrive in one of your cities, you are dependent on completing a mission before you can move to the next city. And to be able to move on the game board, one must answer biblical questions correctly. You can choose the degree of difficulty to the question you want to answer; easy, medium or difficult. If you answer a simple question correctly, you can move one step, two steps for medium and three steps if you answer a difficult question correctly.

About the game

The game is based on an idea from 2012. After more than seven years, the game was finally completed. The game is published non-profit, and together with good helpers, the game is now translated into other languages. A free version of the game has also been developed. You can download a PDF version of the game board and print it out, as well as use an app that contains all the game cards you need.

The sources used in the development of the game are mainly the updated version of Jehovah's Witnesses' New World Translation of the Bible. Most other sources are also taken from the library of Jehovah's Witnesses. All sources are referenced on the question cards and can be found in the online library of Jehovah's Witnesses,

The plans ahead

These are some of the focus areas going forward.

More languages

The game 'The great Mission' will be available in Danish and Swedish in the near future. If you want to translate into other languages, feel free to get in touch!

Publish a physical version

Efforts are being made to publish a physical version of 'The great Mission'. You will be able to order this at production cost.

Develop more content

Several additional questions and tasks are planned for 'The great Mission'. The first expansion pack will deal with the Gospel of John.

About biblogram

Biblogram is developed and maintained by me, Jonas Sponås, a Jehovah's Witness in Norway. I have received good help from translators, proofreaders and game testers (if you want to contribute, please get in touch!).

The costs of running this site are covered by myself, and all sales cover only the actual production costs.


Do you have feedback? Something I should have done differently? Do you want to help with, for example, translation? Get in touch!